North Peninsula Veterinary Specialty Group is proud to provide comprehensive surgical oncology options for cats and dogs in San Mateo, San Francisco and the larger Bay Area. We work together with referring veterinary oncologists and general care veterinarians to provide expert services to companions that require advanced care.

Oncological Diagnostics

For pets who have not yet received a diagnosis, NPVSG will diagnose and then refer the owner to an oncologist for consult and staging before proceeding. Our advanced imaging equipment allows us to get a better look at organs, tissues and bones. When necessary, we can also perform surgical biopsies on delicate areas, such as a bone biopsy. These procedures may require an extended and careful recovery for the pet. We’ll walk owners through the process and provide detailed instructions to take home. We encourage pet owners to reach out to us with any questions they have at any stage.

Surgical Oncology

To ensure a successful surgery, Dr. Carlson will walk everyone on the care team through the process, recovery, any potential complications following surgery, and risks of additional oncologic treatments being required after the procedure, such as chemotherapy and radiation. After the surgery, the pet and owner are referred back to their original oncologist or veterinarian for follow-up care. Dr. Carlson is available to answer any and all questions throughout the process and during recovery.


North Peninsula Veterinary Specialty Group provides surgical oncology in San Mateo, San Francisco and the larger Bay Area.

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