When your pet needs a specialty veterinary service, it can seem overwhelming and confusing how to best move forward. And with the time-sensitive nature of many injuries or medical conditions, you want to get them the help they need sooner rather than later. North Peninsula Veterinary Specialty Group offers a wide range of specialty veterinary services in San Mateo, San Francisco and the Bay Area, no referral required. We are always working hard to provide the highest quality of care for your pet while supporting you through the process.

Bringing Your Pet in to NPVSG

We want you to know that you’re always free to call us if you have any questions about the services we provide, the status of your pet’s care or their recovery process. With specialty care, you can often become overwhelmed by the amount of information that’s thrown at you about your pet’s condition. We don’t expect you to become an expert overnight on the anatomy of a spine in the case of intervertebral disc disease or the different parts of the urethra in urinary disease. Asking questions multiple times, getting clarification on the important parts of recovery and talking through the process is more than just expected, it’s encouraged! We know that we offer unique types of specialty veterinary services here in the Bay Area, which means that you may need to lean on our team for quite a bit of support for the following weeks and months.

Your Pet’s Future

As a specialty veterinary animal hospital, we know that you will often want to transfer your pet’s care back to your regular family veterinarian. We want to make that process as smooth as possible while preparing your pet’s local veterinarian to care for them moving forward. We will always be here to answer both your questions as well as any that your regular veterinarian may have down the road. Just because your pet’s procedure and official recovery period are over does not necessarily mean that they will have the exact same needs as any other pet for the rest of their lives. Every pet is unique, and we’re here to help with advice that’s tailored to their situation. We hope you feel comfortable reaching out to us with all questions, big and small.


The team here at North Peninsula Veterinary Specialty Group provides specialty veterinary care, including orthopedics, surgical oncology, laparoscopic surgery, soft tissue surgery, diagnostic imaging, a pain clinic and regenerative medicine for cat and dog owners in San Mateo, San Francisco and the larger Bay Area.

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