Certain surgical interventions and procedures require weeks to months of dedicated recovery time, often followed by continuing rehabilitation to get the pet back to at- or near-normal levels of activity safely. Our Bay Area pain clinic provides support for pets throughout this process. We work together with rehabilitation specialists to provide expert care on your pet’s path to recovery.

Individualized Pain Management

Pain management is tailored to a pet’s specific needs and the requirements that come with the type of procedure they had. For example, in the earliest stages of healing we may prescribe sedatives to keep a pet calm and prevent sudden movements or jumping that might damage the affected area and require revision surgery. As the pet transitions into more active rehabilitation, pain levels can affect their willingness to participate through either lack of interest and general grogginess or through uncontrolled pain.

Changes Over Time

A number of factors require us to constantly update a pet’s pain management plan. Their body can become used to the effects of a specific drug, making it less effective. Interactions with other medications can affect how a medication works at any given time. A pet may respond better in physical therapy directly after a pain drug or four hours after their last dose. Each of these factors and more will be considered and addressed by the care team at the pain clinic here in San Francisco as your pet moves through phases of rehabilitation.

Surgeries That Often Require Rehabilitation & Pain Management

  • Elbow disease repair
  • Medial patella luxation (MPL) repair
  • Femoral head and neck excision (FHO, FHNE)
  • Hip dysplasia repair
  • Bone biopsy for diagnostic purposes
  • Surgery for a ruptured cranial cruciate ligament
  • Long bone fracture repair
  • Hemilaminectomy (intervertebral disc disease)


North Peninsula Veterinary Specialty Group offers a pain clinic for pets following surgery or injury in San Mateo, San Francisco and the larger Bay Area.

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