North Peninsula Veterinary Specialty Group partners with a rehabilitation center to provide pain relief options for cats and dogs recovering from surgery and to improve chronic injury, pain, immobility, and arthritis symptoms. We treat animals using a multimodal approach, working with the rehabilitation team to increase mobility and range of motion while helping animals live more comfortably through a personalized pain management plan. Our Bay Area pain clinic improves the lives of pets while they live with chronic conditions or recovery from procedures that affect their quality of life.

How It Works

Treating pain is a complex process, made even more complicated by the changes taking place within your pet. As they recover from illness or injury, they may require less pain management. They can also experience adverse side effects that can be both obvious and more subtle. Recovery involving physical therapy can be either helped or hindered with pain management, depending on the level of intervention. We help pets live happier lives through our San Francisco pain clinic.

Treatment modalities for pain vary widely and are often used in conjunction with one another. Options include:
  • Prescription medications for pain, inflammation and sedation
  • Supplements to encourage future health
  • Platelet-rich plasma treatments
  • Shockwave therapy
  • Stem cell therapy
  • Hyaluronic acid joint injections
  • Surgical procedures to alleviate pain

Working Toward Pain Free Rehabilitation

We work with rehabilitation specialists to decrease pain while your pet increases their mobility and range of motion. Discomfort can impact a pet’s willingness to participate in therapy and lengthen the recovery process unnecessarily.


North Peninsula Veterinary Specialty Group offers a pain clinic for pets in San Mateo, San Francisco and the larger Bay Area.

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