Diagnostic imaging is an important part of specialty veterinary care. Before we can move forward with a treatment plan, we need to know exactly what has gone wrong and the precise location of any injuries. We often use a combination of diagnostic tools and tests to form a complete picture of the problem. Depending on the condition, we may also use them to guide us during a delicate surgery or confirm appropriate healing during a pet’s recovery. North Peninsula Veterinary Specialty Group is proud to provide advanced diagnostic imaging for cats and dogs in San Mateo, San Francisco and the larger Bay Area.

For Referring Veterinarians

We offer on-site digital radiography and CT scans for referring veterinarians. Interpretations are done digitally by a remote board-certified radiologist. We work with a skilled and trusted traveling radiologist for ultrasound imaging, when needed. We are happy to perform referral diagnostics before sending the results back to the referring veterinarian for further treatment.

For Pet Owners

When you bring your pet into NPVSG, whether through a referral from your regular veterinarian or not, we may request to run diagnostic tests to determine the extent of an injury or illness. Before we move forward with testing, we will always walk you through the projected costs and explain the potential outcomes.


North Peninsula Veterinary Specialty Group provides advanced diagnostic imaging in San Mateo, San Francisco and the larger Bay Area.

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