Sydney is an almost 13-year-old English Bulldog who came to us at North Peninsula Veterinary Surgical to have a large portion of her lower jaw removed due to a mass that was discovered during a dental procedure. When she and her parents first came to us for a consultation, their biggest concern was that the surgery would cause her to be disfigured and decrease her quality of life. 

After our team explained the procedure and assured Sydney’s parents that the operation would not have a negative impact on their beloved companion’s quality of life, they decided to proceed. 

During the operation, we removed nearly half of Sydney’s left jaw. Despite this, though, she is still just as beautiful and happy as ever! Here are a few pictures of her before and after surgery. In the after photo, she looks like nothing even happened!





Sydney was so loved by our staff while she was under our care, and we are honored that her owners chose us when she needed specialty veterinary care in San Mateo. Her owners were thrilled with the outcome of her procedure. Ths tough pup is doing great, we wish her and her family all the best!


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